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Royal -T  
 He is a very loving in your pocket horse. Heavy of bone. On the tall side, 15h up. 
A handsome riding horse. 
North Star
NS ROYAL - T     
2006 gelding by British Sterling
Lakeridge British Sterling
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 Mare by SD Laddie
her filly.... 
SD Laddie
SD Honey Mare
Sire: British Sterling
Dam: Gypsy Princess

NORTH STAR GYPSY urges prospective horse buyers to shop around; ask questions; and not be pressured in any way to make purchase of a horse that is not what they really want. In the breed's short and recent import history we have many horses coming into this country with unknown heritage. Current trend is to establish documentation on as many horses as possible, with DNA going on file to help in validating parentage.

NORTH STAR GYPSY also urges prospective horse buyers to educate themselves regarding what a quality Gypsy Horse is. That it should be a heavy boned compact horse with feather that covers the front of the hoofa must have; with lots of feather off the back of the leg from the back of the knee down. Conformation details should be noted. Read a BREED STANDARD.Verify Ancestry if you can.  It will not always be available. Understand what a young growing horse may look like compared to a mature horse.
                               Wishing you the best of luck in your search for 
                                                  THE HORSE  OF YOUR DREAMS.

North Star
Bred for and Foaled in America
Due to the nature of the Gypsy Horse Stallion; and with their heavy bone structure, it is NOT recommended that Gypsy Horse Stallions be trained in horse dancing. We will not sell a horse to anyone who will put a horse into Horse Dancing training. If you wonder what horse dancing is, see this video Additionally, Horse Dancing may include forcing a horse to walk torturously on it's hind legs for an excessive amount of time."
 Fillies & Mares available

NORTH STAR Stallions chosen to compliment each mare. 
Very nice Charisma 
Strike It Rich E
NS Magnum