Hi! I am Linda Dennis,
I have been breeding, raising and showing horses since the mid 80's. In recent years coordinating and managing Gypsy Horse Shows as committee chair for the first ever Gypsy Horse show in the USA, and coordinating it's annual succeeding ones during the Oregon State Fair's Gypsy Horse Show since 2004; and including American Gypsy Horse Breed Association's Yreka show in Fall 2007.   

Horses...I am one of the lucky ones who was born with the love. The passion for horses and animals came at an early age. I remember my interest as a three year old :) Found my horsey fixes with connections to those who were fortunate to own them, as my family was unable to provide me the opportunity to coexist with a horse. Horses became a part of my life, after most of the responsibility of raising four children was completed. Have raised, shown and enjoyed the pleasures of Miniature Horses for a lot of years now. The remarkable Gypsy Horses are a wonderful addition to my life since 2003. Around here, it is horses...... morning to night! Would not have it any other way!

The Gypsy Horses of NORTH STAR GYPSY and the Miniature Horses of STERLING SPRING FARM
are what life is all about, along with my human family and friends.
Enjoy our farm site!
Hope to see you at a show; an exhibition; an expo; at the farm;
or at a Gypsy Horse gathering!


Meeting our Tia (Liquid Gold) in England at Appleby Horse Fair
Yearling: Maestro
Here at the farm, silver haired Linda with some of her family. Children; Grandchildren;
and Brother Bill from Michigan in the red cap with his Ann to his left.
MARQUIS (stallion) and Linda
at home on the farm in Oregon
Indiana Show 2009
Oregon Show 2009
Oregon Show 2009
Linda at Renaissance
Canterbury Faire
North Star
North Star
Oregon State Fair